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Have a real estate license? Want to work part time or full time? Want to be your own boss?

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  • Work from the comfort of your own homeAll you need is an Internet connection, a phone, and a desk. Can you imagine a better working environment?
  • Set your own hoursOur agents can work whatever hours they choose and take vacation whenever they like. Some prefer to work 9-5, some 9-2, some 7AM – 7PM. Because of the Internet, this business can truly be done at any hours of the day or night. Now you can work all night and play all day because the office (your home) is available to you 24 hours a day.
  • Be your own bossAll DSAL agents are independent contractors. We take 15% of your earnings as a fee for sponsoring your license and processing/collecting your billing. Aside from that, you’re on your own! We do care about you, so we will help you determine the best marketing avenues for you and provide as much support and as little interference as each agent prefers. DSAL enjoys a strong reputation in the marketplace and we rigorously comply with all rules and regulations of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).
  • Choose your area of expertiseOur agents cover a broad range of real estate services. Whether you want to locate rental properties including apartments, duplexes, rental homes etc., or assist in relocating corporate personnel to either of the DFW areas, you are welcome to do so at DSAL and keep 85% of what you bill for yourself! If you want to sell homes or represent homebuyers, we also have an Exclusive Buyer’s Agency with the best compensation package around!
  • Do your own marketingOur agents choose the type of clients they work with from the type of advertising they choose to do. Whether you want to start a website, market at properties, or use your own network of referrals, you can do it here at DSAL! There are a million ways to attract clients for any given field of expertise; our agents choose the one that works best for them. We have 7 years of market experience in Dallas/Fort Worth, and would be glad to help you come up with ideas!