Simple Storage Solutions for Your New Apartment

organize your Dallas apartmentRegardless of how small your new apartment may seem, nothing is quite as nice as having your own space. When it comes to stashing away all your stuff, however, the challenging part of apartment living emerges. The good news is there are a number of feasible solutions that will ensure your space is neat and organized, without having to sacrifice your beloved possessions.

1. Create a Gallery Display

Hang floating shelves for displaying your collectibles, picture frames and other mementos. Try to stagger the shelving to create a unique look. Choosing a basic, simple shelf will work with virtually any décor and create a beautiful and interesting gallery wall.

2. Create an Entry Piece

For apartments with no proper entry, create one with a bookcase. You can remove the top shelves and install a few hooks to create a place for hanging your purse or coats. You can place baskets or small drawers on the lower shelves for the storage of sunglasses, mittens and any other “out-the-door” essentials.

3. Give Your Furniture Multi-Purpose

Placing a daybed in your living area will give you a comfortable sitting area during the day and a guest bed at night. Be sure to add plenty of pillows for back support. Also, consider placing a large basket in the area to store extra linens and blankets, making the move from couch to bed convenient.

4. Create the Illusion of Built-Ins

There are a number of older apartment buildings that come with built-in shelving, which is the ideal storage area for smaller spaces. If your apartment is lacking these convenient storage features, then you can “fake” the look by installing bookshelves that flank your doorway. Consider painting the bookshelves the same color as the door frame or wall to make them blend in perfectly.

Even if you have a small one-room studio apartment, you can make it neat and organized quite easily. The tips here will work for any space and ensure you can keep your things stored and out of site.

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